Music is Life
It teaches us self-esteem, self-motivation, coordination, focus, confidence and commitment. Most of all it teaches us how to have FUN!
Music is Math
It is rhythmically based on the subdivisions of time into fractions, which must be done instantaneously.
Music is Physical Education
It requires fantastic coordination of fingers, hands, arms, ankles, and legs, in addition to extraordinary control of the back, chest, arms, and leg muscles.
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Music is Art
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Drum Lessons

Julie Bunucci 2003 Teacher of the Year
Tuckerton Elementary School


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Scott Magann – Public School Teacher and Customer of the Academy of Drums

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Musicality. Expertise. Commitment. Respect. Dedication. Caring. These are words that come to mind when I think of The Academy of Drums. The Academy of Drums is a truly unique school, where the art of drumming and music making is joyfully shared and where the commitment to excellence is clearly evident and abundant. I am a student of Neil Garthly and also a music educator in the NJ public school system. I marvel at the level of instruction offered at the Academy of Drums. Every area of music education that an aspiring drummer needs is more than competently and thoroughly addressed. Excellent teaching doesn't stop at the studio door. It has a ripple effect. Neil's extraordinary teaching skills, support, guidance, and generosity have been instrumental in helping me bring the joy of rhythm and drumming to over 150 delighted fourth, fifth and sixth grade school children this year! I have great respect for Neil and the fruition of his vision. The Academy of Drums is a great school!
The Academy’s innovative method of monitoring student progress both motivates students and insures a well-rounded education in all aspects of percussion.

The Academy will provide a safe, personal, helpful, and enjoyable learning environment, where the student can experience the fun of drumming at their own pace. We will teach any style of music, while using modern teaching methods, personalized exercises, current songs and a positive reinforcement to help the student obtain their drumming goals and dreams.
It allows us to take all accumulated knowledge and skill and use it to create emotion.
academy of drums is a drum teaching school in the North East US......
Academy of Drums & Guitar
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